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The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged is a game of exciting tabletop combat where every hero has a fighting style based on their skills and personality! Melee combatants like Rayla and Amaya charge into battle, while spellcasters like Callum and Claudia take time to unleash dramatic attacks. Each hero has a different technique for gaining energy: Soren is a defender who charges up when you attack him or an ally, while Ezran is a pacifist and leader who gains energy when he doesn’t attack. Your strongest cards take more energy to play, so you’ll need to master each character’s unique style!

For hobby gamers, it’s a fast-paced but surprisingly deep approach to miniatures skirmish play that’s a blast even if you don’t know the series! For fans of the epic animated series who aren’t experienced tabletop players, it’s been designed to be easy to learn and teach.

The Dragon Prince - Battlecharged

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