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The Sector 2 Slum Blocks are the ideal piece of kit for your table top, this is due to it containing 5 stackable blocks which allows completely modularity allowing you to stack or space out the blocks in countless ways, allowing you to build vertically or horizonatly or even a combination of them both.

All Industrial Hive kits are designed to work together, utilising an innovate clip system to enable every piece to attach to another. Using the in-built modularity you can attach stairs to walkways to platforms to offices to pipes to silos to walls all in a continuous mass of metal (well, MDF) to make your games in the sprawling Industrial Hive more fun than ever.

This kit is made from 3mm MDF, easy to put together and looks great on the tabletop. Great scenery to use with modern and futuristic 28-35mm wargames.

Slum Blocks

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