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The Play Nine Card Game is a fast-paced game of golf that is fun for the entire family. It is the combination of tricky strategy and nerve-wracking luck-of-the-draw that keeps the fun and challenge alive, down to the last hole. The card values range from -5 to 12, and the player who shoots the lowest score wins the golf card game. Up to six players can join in the zany antics and go for the ultimate win. There is no golf experience required, although we're sure you'll be going for the hole-in-one in the golf playing cards fun. This product is designed for children who are age 8 and above, making it ideal for use during family get-togethers, holidays or other gatherings. It is easy to learn, so all are challenged and amused. This strategic card game can also make a thoughtful gift for the game-player in your life. The Play Nine Card Game will be fun for all.

Play Nine

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