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Led by tough, experienced officers, the Italian paratroopers were a well-respected foe – during the battle of El Alamein troops of the Folgore (Lightning) Division repelled the British attacks for weeks. The Folgore fought until expending their last round of ammunition, taking out British tanks with near suicidal close quarters attacks and choosing bayonet charges over raising the white flag, such was their elan.

Like their Regio Esercito (Royal Italian Army) counterparts, the airborne divisions relied heavily on the Breda 37 medium machine gun and the Mortaio da 81/14 Modello 35 81mm mortar for close fire support.

Contains 10 metal miniatures:

  • 2 Officers with SMG
  • 1 NCO with SMG
  • 1 Radio Operator
  • MMG team
  • Medium mortar team
  • Plastic bases

Italian Paracadutisti Paratrooper Support Group

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