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Whether he's getting himself into awkward situations or trying to get out of them, Larry David knows how to take things from commonplace to cringeworthy better than anyone.

But the truth is, there's a little Larry in us all. In this hilarious party game, players compete to be the ultimate Larry David. When you're Larry, uncomfortable run-ins are inevitable, it's your excuses that separate the winning Larry from, well...the other Larrys. See if you can pair the best excuse with familiar situations from Curb Your Enthusiasm, and have a prett-ay prett-ay good time while you're at it!

To win the game, the first Larry to collect 5 situation cards wins! The perfect card game for icebreakers for parties, get-togethers, date nights and family game nights, 3 to 6 players ages 17 and up. From children to teens to adults, you'll have a blast.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - A Pretty Pretty Pretty Good Party Game

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