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The Convent Peristyle is a place of great beauty and tranquillity but in times of war it is our fortress. These walls will protect our congregation from line of sight fire and attacks as a whole. Multi levels, the high ground is ours and the faithless shall be sent below. Consisting of multiple structures, this kit is perfect to be condensed as one building or spread out to cover more of your board! The decision is yours.

All the Convent kits are modular, designed to be used together in thousands of different ways. The kits are made up from middle and end pieces, which simply push up next to each other, locking together very simply. In this way you can make sprawling connected buildings to hide behind or occupy, and then take them apart again for easy storage after the game is over.

The Convent Peristyle is made from 3mm MDF, is easy to put together and looks great on the tabletop. Perfect scenery to use with sci-fi 28-35mm wargames.

Convent Peristyle

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