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In the fast-paced matching game Anarchy Pancakes, each player starts with seven pancake cards that feature various misfit toppings, such as an earthworm, a flaming donut, and a skull wearing a party hat.

On the count of three, players attempt to match their pancake cards' toppings to other players' toppings, forcing them to take the cards and form a "pancake stack". The first player to get rid of all of their cards and shout "Anarchy pancakes!" wins that round and collects a "slab 'o butter". The first player to receive two slabs 'o butter wins.

The cards in Anarchy Pancakes resemble those in Spot it!/Dobble, and Exploding Kittens developed this design in collaboration with Spot it! publisher Zygomatic Games.

Anarchy Pancakes

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