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Adult XXX Charades is played like a regular charade game for the most part. The goal is to be the first team to reach 10 points and be declared winner.

After the teams are formed, the first team (chosen by determining who most recently had sex) selects an actor who then announces which phrase he/she will act out (1-6). Then that actor draws a charade card from a deck of the provided cards (before being able to see what the phrases are!)

Each of the six phrases on the charade cards are marked with a single "X", a double "XX" or a triple "XXX" which represents the potential difficulty of acting out/guessing that particular phrase. A single "X" will be alloted one run through of the provided 60 second sand timer. The double "XX" will run through the sand timer one full time and then flip for a second run through. The triple "XXX" designation shall allow the team to have a third sand timer run through. Regardless of which level "X" is assigned, the point alloted for a correctly guessed phrase is one. The "X" designation simply allows for more or less time during the acting out/guessing phase and does not impact scoring.

The phrases often can be acted out using very common gestures, but some will be nearly impossible to portray without performing a lewd gesture (or ten.)

The actor may tell the team what level of difficulty "X" the phrase is but no other oral communication is allowed. Once the sandtimer is flipped, the acting and guessing commences. The actor can not sing, talk, hum, mouth words, or give any other oral clues (besides naughty gestures) nor can the actor draw letters in the air.

When scoring points, the entire phrase must be correctly stated. "Kissing" would not be granted a point if the phrase was "kissing under the mistletoe".

If the team correctly acts out and guesses the phrase before the sand timer(s) runs out, one point is marked on the included score sheet. Whether or not a team scores, once their timer runs out, the other team takes their turn. This continues until one team has collected ten points and wins (Climaxes) the game.

Adult XXX Charades is a game of charades that is inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. The game does include sexually explicit references and innuendos, and may be offensive and inapropriate to some audiences.

Inside the box there are 100 charade cards with six phrases on each, 2 pencils, 60 second sand timer, score pad, instructions, and a charades signal sheet. The charade signal sheet is a helpful guide on how to act out common phrases/clues which can be used for any charade type game.

Adult Charades

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