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Shipping & Return Policy

Have all of your questions answered right here! If there is a question you have that is not answered on this page feel free to call (902-624-0000) or email our store

Order Time Frame 

Once your order is placed on our website it should ship within 1-5 business days of the original order. If there is any delay on the order we will call or email you with any updates and give you a new time frame.  



If you have placed and wanted to add another product or reduce what you have ordered call or email the store and we will be happy to help you with any changes you want to make.  


In-Store Pick Up 

We offer instore pick up through our website. If you choose this option while checking out we will make sure to put your items on hold for you until you are able to come pick them up. If you put through an order and forgot to click the instore pick up option make sure to give us a call to let us know so we can update the process on our end. 


Damaged Items 

We always make sure that the product we are sending out is in immaculate condition but mistakes can happen during the delivery process. If something is damaged by the time it gets to you don't worry, there are a few things we can do for you. You can send us back your damaged item and we will send a new one out right away, or, we can do a full refund of your order as soon as we get it back.     


Online Returns 

Online returns are done by requesting a return through the site or calling the store. We will send an email back within our store hours explaining what steps to take.

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