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Peg Solitaire is the iconic solo game that requires patience and a strategic mind. Enjoyed for centuries, the first evidence of the game can be traced back to the court of Louis XIV in 1697.

This travel version has been carefully crafted from reforested rubberwood and green felt, 34 red wooden pegs. The forest-friendly wood is durable and provides a superior finish. The board is made from two circular pieces of finished wooden that are hinged together, allowing for the pieces to be securely stored inside.

With easy-to-learn rules and seemingly simple goals, many are taken by surprise when they discover how deceivingly difficult the puzzle turns out to be.

A great gift for long journeys and holidays, or when you need a digital detox and time away from screens.

The object of the game is to not only remove all of the pegs from the board by jumping over them with any of the other pegs, but also to accomplish this daunting task while simultaneously ending your jumping spree with a peg resting exactly in the centre hole of the board.

Travel Solitaire

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