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Ready, Set, TACO!

Take an order ticket, grab a taco shell and be the first to STUFF IT with all the correct toppings! It's FAST, FUN and NACHO average game!!!

Ingredient cards are spread across the table, face-down. Each player is given a taco shell and a secret recipe card. One player shouts, "Olé!" and in a manic free-for-all, players grab one card at a time, trying to complete their recipes by stuffing the correct ingredients in their taco shells.

If you find "La Cucaracha" card you must discard all ingredients and start again — your taco is ruined! You may also find Antacid cards, which allow you to force other players to throw out all of THEIR ingredients and start again.

The first player to complete their secret recipe (correctly) wins a point, and the first to three points wins the game.

  • Number of players : 2-4
  • Playing time : 20 Min
  • Recommended ages : 6+

Taco Takeover

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