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If you want to go fast or paint several figures, Game Xpress is the best choice. With the matte colors, miniatures can be completed quickly and easily. The main features speak for themselves: excellent capillarity, which allows the color to easily spread over the miniature surface and settle on all elevations and in the recesses of the figure. With a single application of paint, the plastic properties of a miniature can be emphasized. The color compensates for the elevations and depressions.


For ideal results, it is recommended to use a white, gray or generally light primer. The color creates bright areas on the elevations, saturated midtones and intense shadows in the recesses of the figure. XPRESS COLOR are very versatile and can be applied over any color of the range. They create gentle shading and contouring effects, are glaze or filters. Transitions between shades can be blended very well. All XPRESS COLOR colors can be mixed with each other or diluted with Xpress Thinner Medium to change shades or create new shades.


Application with brush and airbrush is possible.


The new plastic bottle made of r-PET (recycled/recyclable) is completely transparent, improves color visualization and reinforces Acrylicos Vallejo's commitment to sustainability and the environment. The new closure comes with a security seal.



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