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The goal of the game is to have the lowest total points at the end of the game. The goal of each round is to play all the dominoes in your hand. The secondary goal is to not have a lot of points in your hand when somebody else goes out.

The game has 13 rounds. The first round starts with the Double Twelve. The second round starts with Double Eleven. This continues down to Double Zero.

  • The Hub - This is the centerpiece where all player trains start
  • The Engine - The starting double that is placed in the center of the hub
  • Player Train - A players line of dominoes
  • Mexican Train - A line of dominoes that all players are allowed to play on
  • Marker - A small train that is placed on your train
  • Bone pile - All the facedown dominoes that players can draw from
  • Out of Play - A place where used word dominoes are placed after they have been used.

Mexican Train Deluxe

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