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Hanna Honeybee flies over the colorful wildflower meadow. And just like a busy bee, she collects loads of nectar to bring back to the hive. Hanna’s friends are waiting to turn the nectar into wonderfully sweet honey. Who will help Hanna to make enough honey to fill the whole honey pot?

In this game you have 10 disks each with a colored flower on one side and a drop of honey on the other side. When you insert a disk flower side up into the top slot of the beehive it comes out of the bottom slot with the honey side up. It also comes with a honeypot board with 6 spaces on it to put the drops of honey when they come out of the beehive. There is also a die with the flower colors for faces. You roll the die and pick out that colored flower disk, insert it into the beehive then place it honey side up onto the honey pot board, if the flower symbol comes up on the die discard a disk. If you run out of disks before the honeypot is filled you lose, fill up the honey pot and you win.

Hanna Honeybee

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