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This is the kids version of the famous The Farming Game. This game has three levels of play for harvesting your crops:

  1. The first level is for kids ages 3-5. It consists of rolling a red die (values 1-3) and moving the number of spaces indicated by the die roll. If you land on a type of produce, you get a matching card for it. If they land on a school bus or playground, they get nothing. The first player to reach the end stops the game. All players count their cards and the one with the most wins.
  2. The second level is for kids ages 5-7. Again, you roll the red die to move, but instead of collecting produce cards when you land on a produce space, you roll a white die (values 1-6) and match it with a produce rate card to see how much money you sold that produce for. You then get it in play money. The first player to reach the end stops game play and all count their money. The one with the most money wins.
  3. The third level is for kids ages 7-9. This combines the aspects of levels 1 and 2 and adds additional complexity. When you land on a produce space, you get the matching produce card. You can then roll the white die to sell the produce, or keep the card. If you keep it, the next time you land on that produce space, you get another card. You then have two of a kind. If you want to sell them, roll the white die, consult the rate chart, and sell all of your cards of that produce. The one who makes it to the end, stops the gameplay and the one who has the most money wins. You can also trade cards with other players before the red move die is rolled.

This game has a colorful board and easy-to-read rate charts and money.
Even parents can find amusement with this game.

Farming Game Kids

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