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“The Great Day of Fado” is coming. There is no memory of such an event, thousands of tourists and fado lovers from all corners of the world are expected. Managers from all over the country are working on the organization of the event. From north to south of Portugal, one, two and even three shows are planned simultaneously. It will be days, nights and, sometimes, even early morning parties!

Failure is out of the question, and to organize the perfect show, it is necessary to choose the best artist, the right alignment, the perfect melody and the most appropriate of the scenarios. It is the ideal time for some managers, hitherto unknown, to show how much they are worth.

No one will miss and this is your moment to shine!

  • Light strategical card game about the main Portuguese musical style
  • Players do not need to sing, but must carefully plan their moves
  • Unique drafting mechanism, that makes you really think twice
  • Dynamical presence in the table, due to a versatile set collection system
  • 2 different modes of play, for higher replayability


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