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Number of Players: 2-6

Playing Time: 60-90 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 8+

As a Cutthroat Ninja, your task is to eliminate the high-profile Targets who have been harassing the good people of the land; by doing so, you will be rewarded. You will first meticulously determine your Attack List, and the strategies you plan to use to eliminate the target. But there are other Cutthroat Ninjas trying to claim the same reward. They are just as cunning as you: stealing your Attacks, hiring mercenaries to block your path, forcing you to join forces and so much more. Be the first to eliminate the targets and claim the highest amount of reward money to win the game!

Pick your target

Each round, the Ninjas randomly select one of the 10 Targets then compete to be the first to eliminate them.

Each Target has different Health Points (HP) and reward values (coin purse). The first Ninja to build an Attack List with a Hit Value that equals or exceeds the Target’s HP will collect the Target card and claim its reward value.

Strategy cards

Help yourself or hinder your opponents!On your turn you can also play one strategy card. Some will help you build your Attack List faster while others will deter your opponents from building theirs!

You could Draw an extra card, have an opponent lose their draw, Steal, Switch or Discard an opponent's attack, switch around an Attack List, add 5hp of Defence to the Target for one or all players, you could even Join Forces with another Ninja then steal their half of the reward from them in the next round!

Attack cards

Build your Attack List! Every turn, you can add an Attack to your Attack List, building your total Hits to try and beat the Target first!

Use standard Attacks, Poison Darts, Dragon Rages, Combo Attacks or even draw the elusive Death Blow to win the round.

Cutthroat Ninja

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